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4.1. Submitting Content to NewPanda

Updated 07.17.14

You can create your own Entity content! Click here to view instructions.  Need permission? Let us know.  Alternately, NewPanda will create Entity Articles when your content is submitted by the Newsletter content deadline, according to our specifications below.

First, a few notes about SOURCES for your content.  NewPanda accepts no liability for content either created or provided by our enterprise partners.

CONTENT SPECIFICATIONS  - Download examples from the Attachments section of this page.

Each article should contain the following elements; if these elements are not furnished by you, they will not appear in your Entity Articles:

  1. HEADLINE (40 characters MAX)
  2. TEASER COPY (1-2 BRIEF sentences MAX; longer copy will be TRUNCATED)
  3. ARTICLE BODY Obey all copyright laws; if borrowing content, please cite your sources with appropriate links to original source.
  4. THUMBNAIL IMAGE (95 x 95 pixels) attached as separate .jpg, .gif or .png files.

Note: Content not provided according to the specifications above will be adjusted as necessary by NewPanda or may be truncated automatically; we will not provide a proof approval for content not provided according to our specifications.

Optimal Submission Format:
   Send as a Word document with hyperlinks intact.  Attach separate files for images, presized (or we will resize for you; no proof approval will be provided)

   Regional content should be sent as a .txt document with external links and sources notated.

Not acceptable:

For liability purposes and to mitigate NewPanda identifying or copying the wrong content from outside sources, using copy-righted material without receiving permissions, or improperly citing sources, the content for entity articles must be provided as an attachment in (preferably) .txt or .doc format.


  1. Thumbnails: Furnish .jpg or .png thumbnail images for your Entity Articles. Size: 95 x 95 pixels. If image provided is not sized correctly, NewPanda will resize as required; cropping may be necessary.  If no image is provided, NewPanda will select a Thumbnail image for the article. It is understood that if a Thumbnail image is not provided, you are giving NewPanda permission to choose the image and that no proof approval process will take place.
  2. Article images: Furnish .jpg or .png images for your Entity Articles AT THE PROPER DISPLAY SIZE (max image width 400 pixels).  If images provided are larger, you understand that the template for the Entity Article will not display correctly.


Special Instructions:
   Any special instructions including Entity / Office level, article order, etc., should be detailed at the time your content is furnished. NewPanda cannot guarantee inclusion of your content if complete information is not furnished by our posted deadlines.


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