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9.4. Why Aren't Results Always 100% Accurate?

Updated 09.16.18

The email open rate is a metric that is not always 100% accurate. In order to record when a message is opened, a tracking pixel is embedded in the body content of your message.  Some email reader clients turn off images by default; others allow users to turn the images off manually. If images are disabled in the recipient's email program, the tracking pixel can't register. In these cases  your message won't count as being opened, even if the recipient clicks on any links in the message.

Other email reader client features such as preview panes can also affect the accuracy of your open rate; some preview panes prevent triggering the tracking pixel, where others do not.

While NewPanda keeps up with the latest technology for tracking your messages, we cannot get around a specific recipient's email preferences for image viewing or previewing.

Overall, analyzing your email open rates to look for trends or spikes can give you good insight to how well you are either segmenting or personalizing your messages, and/or using enticing email subject lines to increase interest.  Unfortunately, at this time it is just not technologically possible to track open rates with 100% accuracy.

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