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6.9. Embedding Videos in Personal Articles

Updated 08.10.16

You may embed a video using the Personal Articles feature.  You'll need to copy the embed code (if it's available) for the video you want to use, and paste it into a notepad. Many video channels offer Share links or tabs for the content, SOME offer embed code.  If embed code is not available for the video you want to use, see the ALTERNATE OPTION instructions below.

You can then switch to the DESIGN mode tab to view; however for best preview results, you'll want to use the Preview Future Editions feature and select the edition you've added the video to.

ALTERNATE OPTION: If embed code is not available or if you prefer not to embed your video, just upload an image or simply type some text such as "Click here to view this cool video" and make the image or verbiage a hyperlink to the video.

Note: You should NEVER embed a video in an eMessage. Click here to find out why.

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