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8.5. Linked In Authentication & Troubleshooting

Updated 07.09.18

LinkedIn requires you to authenticate through any third-party services every 60 days. This is a function of the LinkedIn app - no third-party services like NewPanda can override the LinkedIn authentication requirements.

To view instructions for authenticating LinkedIn through NewPanda, click here.

If you can't see your LinkedIn posts, click here to view instructions for viewing your own content.

If your posts have become inconsistent, follow these steps:

  1. Delete your current LinkedIn account(s) in NewPanda (via Settings > Social Networks).  

  2. Remove NewPanda's native access when logged into your LinkedIn account. To do this go to this LinkedIn page and you should see one or more NewPanda records. Click the Remove link on that row(s). https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/permitted-services

  3. Return to NewPanda and add your LinkedIn account again. This should reset all connections and clear any authentication issues that have been happening. 

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