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6.13. Creating SUBSCRIBE links for your eNewsletter

Updated 06.14.17

To create a link to your eNewsletter SUBSCRIBE form,

  1. Once logged into your NewPanda app, from the Messages tab, click Real Estate Newsletter from the sub-menu
  2. Using the View Past Publications dropdown menu, select any previous edition of your Newsletter
  3. When your Newsletter message opens, click the Subscribe icon to open your Subscription form
     -> If the Subscribe link isn't viewable on the main page, click the READ MORE link for any article and click the Subscribe icon to open your Subscription form.
  4. Copy the URL in the address bar - this is your permanent sign-up link!
  5. Your URL should look similar, but not exactly like this:
  6. NOTE the example provided directly above is for visual purposes only and links to the NewPanda generic sign up form.  If you use the example link, the newsletter subscription will be NewPanda's, not yours! You have a different URL that's unique to you and that will link to your eNewsletter Subscribe form.


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