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7.15. I Deleted My Auto Pilot Message

Updated 07.28.14

Oops - Bummer!  NewPanda Auto Pilot content is created for all of our users by an automated process that writes the messages to your (and everyone else's) NewPanda messages feature.  If you delete your Auto Pilot content, we can't re-run the process, since it would create duplicate messages for everyone else.  And because of liability (and staffing) purposes, we can't have our staff manually re-create your Auto Pilot content if you delete it. 


What can you do if you accidentally deleted your Auto Pilot content?


Use your Template Library to create a replacement message.  We offer hundreds of templates - just tweak the personal message area if you like, select your recipients, and schedule for later, or send now.


Social Posts

Use the weekly notification we emailed you to re-create social posts using the same content.  Simply click the View the linked content links to access the original material.

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