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5.8. Email Recipients: Selecting, Editing

Updated 05.15.17

Watch the Email Details & Recipients video:

To select specific recipients for any message (scheduled, new, Auto Pilot, etc.):

On the Email Details page, scroll to the WHO DO YOU WANT TO RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE section

To Select your recipients, you can do one, some, or ALL of the options below:

     a. Send to Selected Group(s) - choose one or more groups to which to send your eMessage. 
         Click on a group or groups to select them, then use the RIGHT pointing arrow to move them
         to the RIGHT ("send to") field.  If a particular contact or email address is in multiple Groups,
         our system will automatically remove duplicates so only one message will be sent per email

     b. Send to Selected Contacts - use the search feature to find and select specific recipients. Be
         sure to use the > arrow to move the found recipients to the RIGHT side of the page.  This is your 
         SEND list.

     c. Copy/Paste email addresses - add recipients "on the fly".  Be sure to add the recipients as 
         shown in the example:  First Last EmailAddress MobilePhone (optional).

     d. Entire Contact List



You can select multiple options above, however it is unnecessary to choose for instance, a Group AND Entire Contact List.  You don't have to select any recipients now if:

     a. You are only sending a Mobile Message
     b. You are only sending a Social Update
     c. You are not ready to send your eMessage yet

   Click Save & Continue

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