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6.4. Testing the Newsletter Message

Updated 02.04.16

Watch the training video

To ensure that your updated newsletter HTML is correct, you must TEST the HTML each month. If you make changes to the HTML after testing, please RE-TEST to ensure your changes did not negatively impact the HTML.  

Once the newsletter messages are created for individual users, changes to the master message will not flow to the individual user messages.  All updates and Testing must be completed before the individual user messages are created.

Part I - Create Test Message

Part II - Test the live message
  • From NewPanda Admin use the Entity Tree to select the Binkowski Region 

  • Click Search For Users
  • Click the Login button for the Demo account 
  • From the Messages tab select Your Messages
  • Click Edit to open the test message you created
  • Click the Preview tab
  • Enter your email address in the Send Preview field and click the Send Preview button (it may take up to 5 minutes to receive your email preview)
  • When your preview message arrives, check it thoroughly to be sure:
    • All your local content appears as it should (this content appears ABOVE the General News section)
      • Note that MARKET DATA articles will not appear for the Binkowski Region - there is no market data for this region
      • Login to individual user accounts and use the Newsletter Preview feature to preview the market data for appropriate locations
    • Thumbnail image sizes are appropriate
    • The Video OR Poll feature works
If any changes need to be made, edit the original newsletter message as required and RE-TEST the message using the steps above.

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