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11.3. Contact Me, Newsletter & Website Links In eMessages

Updated 12.19.12

The links to your email, newsletter and website from your eMessages are designed to display and function as hyperlinks rather than providing the actual email address and URL, for several reasons:


  1. They look so gosh darn snazzy.

  2. It is much more convenient for recipients to click the hyperlink to immediately open an email message to you, or to access your newsletter or website.  It also greatly decreases chances for difficulty in reaching you by eliminating the need for consumers to copy/paste your email address and/or URLs, or to try to manually re-type them.

  3. If the recipient types the URL or your email address incorrectly, you will not receive the communication, or the recipient will not reach the intended website.  The recipient may get a message like "incorrect address" or an undeliverable email notification.  That's frustrating! The hyperlink feature ensures successful access to you, your newsletters and your website. And that makes you look like a star!

  4. The templates for the eCommunications are global, meaning every membership has these hyperlinks for email, newsletter and websites.  They cannot be modified on an individual basis.


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