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3.2. Activating Mobile Hotlines - Edina Realty

Updated 03.04.18

Your Edina Office Administrator can provide complete instructions for submitting listings. Instructions for activating a Mobile Hotline for a property follow.

Activation of the Hotline is done through the Edina Realty Listing Organizer - Property Information form (form ER 209-1).  

In the bottom section of the form, "The New Mobile Hotline Property Listing Program," note that activation of a Hotline is automatically done for you at the $25 per listing price for each property unless you select one of the following three options:

  1. Enroll me in the Unlimited Mobile Hotline listing program for $35 per month
      Selecting this option activates an agreement wherein you will be billed $35 per month, for
      activation of unlimited Hotline Codes.  The Hotline Codes will remain active until the property
      status changes to an inactive status OR until you discontinue the $35 Monthly Unlimited
      Hotlines plan.

  2. I am currently enrolled in the Unlimited Mobile Hotline listing program
      Selecting this option notifies us that you have already activated the monthly billing option.

  3. I do not want this listing included in the New Mobile Hotline program
      Selecting this option prevents a Hotline from being activated for the property described in the
      current Listing Organizer form only.  It does not prevent Hotlines from being activated for other
      properties for which separate Listing Organizer forms have been or will be submitted.
  • Your office staff will assign a Hotline number and will process yard sign riders using the existing 
        process established in your office.  The Hotline should be available to the public approximately
        one hour after it has been created in the system.

  • Your listing will remain active on the Mobile Hotline as long as the property's RMLS number is
  • If the RMLS number changes, the listing will be processed again and a new fee will apply.

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