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1.8. I'm Not Getting Any Activity On My Mobile Listing

Updated 03.04.16

Mobile Listing activity is affected by many factors, some of which include:

If you're not doing any other advertising besides physical signage, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Try a print ad or newspaper ad to reach people that aren't physically near the sign
  2. Radio advertising reaches many consumers and is typically a good advertising value
  3. String some flags near the signage to call attention to it (REALTORS - get your seller's permission first!)
  4. Move signage closer to the street, or to a different (equally close-to-the-street) location on the property.  Maybe it's just getting lost to viewers in its current location.
  5. Drive past signage yourself from all available directions, at the normal speed limit.  Can you see the sign and read it clearly?  If not, is it easy to turn around?  If traffic conditions are too heavy or there's no convenient place to turn around, consider posting a larger sign.

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