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4.1. Master Groups Q&A

Updated 05.04.17

What is a Master Group?

A Master Group is a contact group created and administered by a single (admin-level) user, that is available as an email sending group ONLY, to other users designated by the administrator.  Need permissions to create and manage Master Groups? Let us know.


What is the purpose of a Master Group?

If you have several to many users that would like to communicate with the same group of recipients, you can load the recipient group into ONE account that will manage the contacts in the group, rather than having to load and manage the same data for many users.


Who can edit the Group, or update the contacts within the Group?

Only the administrator of the Group can see or edit the contacts within the Group, or edit the Group Name.  Individual users can select this Group when choosing recipients for individual messages, but they can't see or edit the individual contacts within the Group. 


What users are Groups available to?

Groups can be available to all users in an office, region or entire entity.  They cannot be made available by individual user or user type.


Why can't individual users see, filter for or edit the Group in their contact list?

The Administrator of the Group is the only person that can see the Group in the Contact Manager feature.  This ensures that:


What happens if someone unsubscribes from a message sent by an individual user?

Contacts within the Master Group belong only to the Group, not individual senders.  When a recipient unsubscribes, they're removed from the Group "emailable" list, and no other senders can email to that contact. This prevents recipients from having to unsubscribe multiple times, or worse, reporting messages as "abusive", which can have undesirable consequences ranging from temporary server blockage to permanent rejection of all messages sent through NewPanda.


What if a user has one or some of the contacts in their personal email database, too?


What if a recipient wants to receive emails from one or some senders, but not all?

Individual senders should add that recipient to their personal contact data.  We can't specify individual senders to email (or not email) any Group contact(s).


What happens if the Administrator account is disabled?

The Group will also become disabled. The resolution:

  1. Export a copy of the Master Group data from the Admin account before it's disabled
  2. Edit the Master Group in the Admin account:
    1. Click the edit icon
    2. UNCHECK the checkbox for "I would like to set the contacts of this group available for other users' messages"
    3. SAVE
  3. Create a new Master Group in the new Admin account that will be responsible for maintaining this Group
  4. Load the data to the new admin account & select the users that can view the Group

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