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5.5. My PDF File Does Not Open

Updated 04.23.12

Usually, this difficulty is associated with popup blockers or security control settings on your computer that need to be reset.
Try these actions to see if they resolve the issue:

1. Enable popup windows when using NewPanda and your Print Tools feature.

2. Adobe Reader is a system requirement for viewing and printing your Print Tools documents.
    This is FREE shareware, and is perfectly safe for your computer.

3. MacroMedia FLASH is required for visiting certain web sites and may help resolve your issue.  This
    is also FREE shareware and is completely safe for your computer.

4. Make sure you don't have any other PDF documents open.  These will prevent the new PDF document
    from opening.

5. Try minimizing each active window, or checking your System Tray for the Adobe icon.  If you see
     the Adobe icon, click it to view the active document.



6. If you are logging in to your tools through another program such as Citrix, AOL, etc. with its own
    set of "permissions," you will need to:

    A. Minimize that program and login to NewPanda by opening a NEW Internet Browser, going to
         http://app.newpanda.com, and logging in independently of your other program,

    B. Change the permissions/security settings for the program you're logging in through. If logging in
        to your tools from your Broker office, you may not have access to resetting permissions and will
        need to open an independent Internet Browser to access your Relationship Tools, as described
        in Option A, above.

7. If using a Google, Yahoo or similar toolbar, make sure Popups are allowed in the toolbar options.
     We've got a great page with instructions for most browsers.  View it!

8. Try viewing a different PDF file to determine if your difficulty is with a specific PDF, or ALL PDFs.

9. Try viewing the image from a different computer.  If you can view the image on a different 
     computer, that indicates that the problem is with a setting on your personal computer,
     rather than a problem with the PDF file or our system.

10. Check the security settings on your computer, through your Internet Service Provider, and through
       your third party SPAM/Security control (MacAfee, Norton, etc.).  These may be blocking popups
       and/or PDF images. Norton users: Be sure your Norton software is up-to-date and the settings
       are such as to allow popups from NewPanda.com.

We found a resource with solutions in case your issue is directly related to Adobe Reader.  View it!

Are you seeing a hand with a yellow star and an exclamation point? TRY RIGHT-CLICKING, and selecting OPEN.

Because all computers are configured differently based on hardware and software as well as personal preferences, we cannot provide instructions for changing your computer settings.  If the above actions do not help, send us a request including your Operating System and Browser Versions, and we'll check to see if we can find additional information to help.

You may also be able to get technical support from your Operating System manufacturer (Microsoft, etc.), your security system provider (Norton, McAfee, Symantec, etc.) or your Internet Service Provider to determine if there is a hidden feature somewhere that must be deactivated or activated to allow you to view popups and/or PDFs.


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