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6.1. Website General Setup

Updated 01.13.16

If your membership includes a Customizable Website, you'll want to spend just a few moments to select some basic settings such as visual background and specific information to be displayed on your website.

General Settings:

The General Settings section sets the tone for your web site through background themes and the specification of the way your web pages will look. To select your General Settings:

  1. From the Real Estate Tools tab, select Agent Website from the sub-menu
  2. Select General Settings from the options on the left. The Customize My Site page will appear.
  3. Contact Information: Your Contact Information flows from your Settings. Review the information selected to display on your Web Site and check or uncheck the display checkbox according to your wishes to display or not display the information.   To update any information, you must update your Settings. 
  4. Template Selection:  Select a background template from the thumbnails shown. Every page of your web site will display the same background template for continuity. 
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the General Settings page and click Submit to save your changes or Cancel to reselect your General Settings.

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