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6.10. Listings Source Link Setup

Updated 02.12.13

1. From the Real Estate Tools tab, select Agent Website from the sub-menu

2. Select My Listings Link from the options on the left.
3. Verify that the Active box is checked in the upper left area of the My Listings Source Link page
4. In SOME templates, you may change the name of the tab your web site visitors will see by modifying the text in the
    Choose Your Own Tab Name field.  The default tab name is My Listings.
5. Choose the source for your Listings data:

    a) To have your manually-created listings appear on your My Listings page, click the Use 
        my PropertySource listings information radio button

    b) To define an external URL source for your listings data, click the Define a Custom URL radio
        button.  In the URL field, enter the name of the URL that you would like to use for this
        feature, using the following information:
        Any or all of the sources listed below may have the ability to deliver Property Search resources
        through an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) compliant program.  The Property Search data will mask
        other agents' contact information and show your contact information in its place; however the
        broker will be named as the Listing Broker (i.e., "This listing courtesy of ABC Real Estate").  This
        application will include the IDX logo and disclaimer as legally required.
        Be sure to ask whichever provider you choose if they offer IDX compliant data that you can wrap
        within your personal web site:
            a. Broker-provided URL: Find out if your broker provides a URL from which you may wrap MLS
                data into your web site.
            b. Board of Realtors Affiliation: Find out if your local Board of Realtors offers the framing
                option described above with IDX.  In some cases the Board may institute a monthly charge
                for this service as opposed to supplying the data feed at no charge.
            c. Your MLS Property Search Program: Find out if your MLS service offers an IDX compliant
                program that you may use.
6. Choose your Frame Set.  Frame Sets define how the information in the Property Search and View
     My Listings
tabs will appear to your visitors.  Your listing data source (from options a, b and c
    above) will provide your options for choosing a Frame Set.  The options that may be available to
    you through your provider are listed below:
        a. Framed: The Property Search and Listings features are viewed completely within your web site.
            The web visitor will remain on your web site when moving between the Property Search, View
                My Listings
and all other web pages.
        b. Hyperlink: Clicking the Property Search and Listings tabs take the web visitor to a different web
            site from which they may view property information.  To get back to your web site, the web
            visitor must either click the "back" button within their browser options, or re-access your web
            site by entering your URL into their web browser and clicking "go".
        c. New Window: The Property Search and Listings features are viewed through a new window
            that opens on top of your web page.  The web visitor will see your web site when they close
            or minimize the Property Search or Listings window(s).

7. If necessary, you may provide your MLS service with our IP addresses for display of MLS Information



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