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5.4. Articles of Value Campaigns

Updated 01.11.11
For an overview of this great feature, download and read the attached file. The Articles of Value now encompass three sections: General Articles on topics of interest; Monthly Digests, the fun and informative newsletter by month; and The Insider, the pragmatic "how-to" section.

Printing Instructions
When your Article of Value (AOV) is four pages, you'll see in the generated .PDF file that page 2 is blank; this is deliberate, and allows you to print the article and letter as one piece.

After you save your .PDF file of the AOV:

  1. Select Print
  2. Select to print all pages 1-4 or 1-5, depending on the AOV you've selected
  3. Select Duplex or 2/Sided printing; and/or
  4. Select Finishing then select Long-Edge Binding
  5. Click OK. Your AOV will print as one piece, with the reverse side of the letter blank.
  6. If you have questions, contact your Systems Coach.
The Article of Value (AOV) campaigns have been developed as a way to build and deepen your relationships with your clients. Think of this tool as the element of your marketing that works to establish consistent contact with your past transactions and your potential customers.
The campaigns all have these characteristics:

I. The Articles of Value: 
  1. Focus on topics that are both relevant and useful. As we continue to develop new campaigns, we'll select a wide range of subjects for the broadest appeal.
  2. The articles are all originals, not to be found or published elsewhere.
  3. The language is helpful, direct and conversational. The content is specific and pragmatic.
II. The Cover Letters: 
  1. Frame the AOV topic as something also highly interesting to you.
  2. Indicate that the subject matter also has significance for you beyond the pragmatic.
  3. Invite the client to share the experience with you on both levels. For example, our "Spring Planting" AOV letter mentions the personal growth the season calls you to, and invites your customer not only to use the information to begin a gardening project but also to reflect on their internal garden.
  4. Include a meaningful quote that calls attention to the deeper significance of the topic.
  5. Are short and informal in tone, not at all like the typical business letter.


The Campaign elements include:
  1. An instruction sheet with directions about adding your own personal touches to deepen the impact of the message, and Tips & Tricks to add even more value.
  2. The cover letter, which you can edit and/or customize with your profile information.
  3. The Article itself, to which you'll also add your profile information.
­How to Participate Fully:


Goals of the Program:
  1. To improve the relationships between you and your clients.
  2. To reinforce your image as a concerned and thoughtful "agent of change" who can be trusted and relied upon.
  3. To build and deepen loyalty.
  4. To generate referrals.
Let Us Hear From You:
We'd like to know about your experience with these Article of Value Campaigns. Please send us emails at help@propertysource.com. If you have topic suggestions, we'd also like to see them!




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