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3.6. Setting Hotline Notification Preferences

Updated 08.14.19
Setting up your Mobile Hotline Preferences

1. From the Real Estate Tools tab, select Mobile Hotline from the sub-menu

2.  Choose Settings from the menu options on the left 

3. Choose your Hotline Notification and Lead Settings options:


    a. The Receive Instant Email Alerts will be your default setting.  We will notify you of Hotline
        activity by email each time activity occurs (this setting will be active unless and until you
        un-select it)

    b. Click to activate the Receive instant SMS Messages if you'd like to be notified of Hotline
        activity by text message to your cellular phone (note: Msg&Data rates may apply)

         ~ You must enter a telephone number in the Mobile Phone field

         ~ You must select your telephone service carrier

    c. Select the telephone number to be displayed in text messages received by consumers. 

    d.  Click to activate Receive Daily Email Summary if you'd like to receive a summary of all
        Mobile Hotline calls each day

    e. Store Hotline Requests as Contacts is by default activated.  If you don't want hotline
        callers automatically saved in your Contacts database, uncheck this box

    f. Click to activate Create Followup Tasks if you'd like tasks to be automatically created
        within your Task Manager feature

    g. Click to activate Alert on "Duplicate" Inquiries if you would like to know if a single
        consumer requests information on the same hotline within a 24-hour period

6. Click the Save Settings button to save all of your preferences and settings.


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