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6.7. Inserting Hyperlinks in Custom Pages

Updated 01.12.11

You can create a hyperlink or even an auto-email link within a Custom Page thusly:
1. Within the body of your page, type the text or upload the image you would like to use for
    your link.
2. Select the link text or object with your mouse.

3. Click the Link icon from the EditLive toolbar.
4. Select the Type of link you would like your link to be from the Source field within Hyperlink dialogue
    box.  The default type is http; this type of link is recommended when linking to a website.  Use
    the type mailto if creating an auto-email link.

5. In the field directly adjacent to the Source field, type in the exact and complete URL, email
    address, etc., for your link.

6. In most cases, you will want to design your hyperlinks to open a NEW WINDOW rather than
    directing consumers away from your web site.  Then when the consumer closes the New
    Window, the original web page will still be open.  To designate a New  Window, from the
    dropdown menu adjacent to the Target field, select Blank.  Then click Insert.

7. The dialogue box will refresh to show your selections.  Click Apply, then click OK to finish 
    inserting your hyperlink.


8. The default hyperlink "target" or setting is to REPLACE THE CURRENT WINDOW WITH THE NEW
.  This means that when the consumer clicks the hyperlink, they will be taken away from the
    current page they are visiting (your web site) and can only navigate back to your web site by 
    clicking the BACK button within their browser tools.  If this is acceptable to you, instead of choosing
    the Blank option at Step 6, simply click Apply (or choose Self from the dropdown menu), then click
     OK to finish inserting your hyperlink. Scroll to the bottom of your Custom Page and click SAVE to
    save your link.

9. We highly recommend that you TEST your link through the View Website feature to be
    sure it functions properly.  When your website opens, navigate to the hyperlink you inserted
    and click it.  Does it do what you expected?


Creating Bookmarks (Anchor Links) Within Custom Pages

Bookmarks help visitors to your web pages quickly locate specific information they would like to view.  Web pages containing bookmarks often have a list of bookmarks somewhere on the page -- usually at the top, for easy reference.  Other pages create links from one word or phrase on the page to another location on the page where additional information on the subject can be found.  You can create a Bookmark (Anchor Link) within a Custom Page thusly:

1. Enter the web page content in the content window.

2. Place your cursor in the destination location.  The destination location is where on the page you
    want visitors to "land" when they click the bookmark link.  Click once so your cursor is blinking in
    the destination location.


3. Click the Bookmark icon.  The Bookmark dialogue box will open.


4. Enter the name of the bookmark in the Name field.  Bookmarks are case sensitive, but you 
    are not required to use proper case when naming bookmarks.


5. Click the Insert button to insert the bookmark.  A grey box will appear indicating the location
    of the bookmark you've just created.  (This bookmark indicator box is visible only to you, only 
    when you enter the editing mode for the web page.  The bookmark indicator box is never
    visible to your web site visitors.)  If the location is correct, click the OK button to close the 
    Bookmark dialogue box.


6. If your page will have a list of bookmarks and you have not already done so, create your list of
    bookmarks in a convenient, obvious spot on your page.  Now, locate the word or phrase within
    your page that will be used to jump to the bookmarked location.  Select the word or phrase to
    be the bookmark by double-clicking on it or by clicking and scrolling your mouse over it.

    Example 1: Bookmark List


    Example 2: Text Link


7. Once you have selected your text, click the Hyperlink Icon.  The Hyperlink dialogue box will open.
    Click the Bookmark radio button to activate the Bookmark feature.  Then, use the dropdown menu
    to select the appropriate bookmark.  Click Insert to insert the bookmark.


8. Once you've clicked Insert, the text you previously selected will be underlined to show that the
    hyperlink will be activated.  Click OK to complete the process.


9. Repeat Steps 6 through 8 to insert additional bookmarks.  Be sure to click the Save Changes
    button at the bottom of the editing page to save your changes!


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