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6.5. Personal Links

Updated 01.12.11

Personal Links is a list of hyperlinks you create for your web site.  When consumers click the "My Links" or "Our Links" button on your home page, your Personal Links appear.

To Create Personal Links:

1. From the Real Estate Tools tab, click Agent Website from the sub-menu

2. Click Personal Links from the options on the left

3. Ensure the Active checbox is active in order for your Personal Links to display on your web site.

4. Click the Add+ button to create a new link.  The Add New Personal Link page will open.

5. Leave the Active checkbox activated if you want your link to be live.  Uncheck the checkbox if you
    want the link to be inactive (it will not appear to the public unless the Active checkbox is activated).


6. In the Name field, enter a brief name for your link.

7. In the Description field, enter a one or two sentence description for the link.

8. In the URL field, enter the URL of the site you'd like to link to

9. From the Frame Set dropdown box, select your preferred framing option:

   a. Framed - the website will appear within your website, replacing the contents of the current web
       page your consumer is visiting (the My Links page).  No new window will open.  To navigate back
       to your My Links page, the consumer will need to click the BACK browser button.

   b. HyperLink - the current web page (your website) will be replaced with the new web URL.  To
       navigate back to your website, the consumer will need to click the BACK browser button.

   c. New Window - a new browser window will open.  Once the consumer closes the window, your
      website My Links page will reappear.

10. Click Save to save your link.

To Inactivate or Remove Personal Links

1. Login to your Relationship Tools

2. Click Website from the menu options on the left

3. Choose Personal Links from the bulleted dropdown menu.  The Personal Links feature will open.
    Active links are indicated by the presence of an orange circle in the Active column.


4. To inactivate a link, click on NAME of the link to open the Modify Personal Link page.


5. In the Modify Personal Link page, uncheck the Active box to inactivate the link. Click SAVE to save
    your changes.


6. To remove a link, simply click the Remove button in the far right column.  A dialogue box will appear
    asking if you are sure you want to remove the link.  Removing a link is immediate and permanent. 
    It cannot be undone.


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