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6.8. Inserting Images in Custom Pages

Updated 01.12.11

Here are  guidelines for uploading photos into the custom web pages:

     A.  .JPG format works the best with our system; however you may also upload a .GIF
     B.  Make sure your photos are named correctly (name.jpg or name.gif).  If they are not named
          properly (two dots, no extension, duplicate names, etc.) our system cannot pull the image

     C.  Optimum DPI between 72 and 300 (we display 72 DPI -- most web browsers do not usually
          see greater than 90 dpi).  If you are trying to upload a very large or very small photo, 
          distortions including pixelization, fuzziness and/or blurriness may occur due to resizing by
          our system.  You may want to augment your photo through Photoshop or an equivalent 
          program prior to upload for optimum results.

1. Open the editing box for the page you wish to modify
2. Insert your cursor in the exact location you would like to insert an image

3. Click the Insert Photo icon. 

4. The Image - Webpage dialogue box will open. Click the Folder icon adjacent to the Source field 
    to browse for your image


5. The Asset Manager - Webpage dialogue box will open.  To insert a photo that already exists in your
    Assets menu, skip to Step 7.  To browse for a new image, click the Browse button to browse for 
    your image


6. Double-cllick the thumbnail of the image, or click to select the image, then click Open.  The Asset
    Manager Webpage
dialogue box will be re-activated.  Click Upload to add the photo to your Assets


7. Click the filename of the image you wish to upload.  A thumbnail preview will appear. 
    Click OK


8. The Image - Webpage dialogue box will be activated.  Enter a brief title for your photo in the
     Title field.  Choose an Alignment option from the dropdown menu (default is absolute left). 
     If you want clear space around your photo, use the Spacing section (default is no spacing). 
     The display box will give you an indication of how your photo will look in relation to your image.
     Click Insert to finish the insertion


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