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4.20. Mailing Labels

Updated 12.03.15


Labels are emailed to the email address associated with your NewPanda account (in your Settings feature), in PDF format.  You'll need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view and print your labels.  Click here to download the latest version.  Adobe Reader is absolutely free and will not harm your computer.


1. Select Home or Business address for your labels.  Labels will only be generated for contacts with complete mailing address (street address, city, state, zip) for the recipients and "label type" you select.  The default selection is Home address.

2. Select the field to sort by.  The default selection is Last Name.

3. Select the list of labels to export: All contacts, Group(s) or hand-pick your labels through the Recipient List.

4. Click the Export Labels button.  The Contact Labels page will refresh.  Wait just a few seconds and click the Click here link if you'd to access your labels immediately without having to check your email.  You can also access previous label orders through this page.


5. Your labels will be generated in PDF format to the email address in your Settings, usually in under a minute!  Labels will print on Avery 5160 or equivalent sheets (3 across, 10 down).

6. Your mailing labels NAME information is pulled from the Contact's FirstName and LastName fields.  The DearName field is reserved for the salutation of your eCommunications.

Having troule receiving or printing your labels? Click here.

Want to print return address labels? Microsoft has free, downloadable templates for that! Click here.

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