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5.17. Working with Scheduled or Saved Messages

Updated 04.09.19

First, you should know two things:

1. While LAUNCHED (sent) messages still appear in the Your Messages list, editing them is not possible. Once a message is sent, your recipients will receive the contents that the message had when it was sent, and you can't change them later, even if the recipient hasn't opened it yet.

2. You can't resend a LAUNCHED message. This is because each message you send is unique and has its own set of tracking statistics, including the date/time the message was sent. If you really want to resend a message (hopefully not to the same recipients you've already sent it to!!), you can replicate it and THEN make your changes, select new recipients and send away.

OK! Now that we've covered that...

To View a message that's already been sent, locate the message in your Your Messages list and click the Edit button.

To Edit a message before it's sent, find the message in Your Messages click the Edit button.  Follow the prompts to the editing page(s) where you can update your original template. When you edit a message, you are updating its contents, and the previous version of the message will be overwritten. If you don't want to change your original message, see instructions for Replicating a message below. 

To Replicate a message, click the Replicate button. Follow the prompts to save your template as a new version.

To Archive a message, click the Archive button. Archiving will remove your message from the "My Messages" page unless you click the View Archived Messages link. Use this feature when you don't want to delete your message but don't need to see it every time you login.

Te Delete a message, click the Delete button. Deletions are immediate and permanent and cannot be undone. If you're not sure if you might need the message later, try archiving it for a while. Just be sure to clean up your Archived eMessages periodically. 

To send your message:

Watch the Email Details & Recipients Video!

1. In the EMAIL DETAILS page, enter an appropriate message name in the Message Name field. Note: NewPanda will automatically create a default message name since it's a system requirement; we strongly encourage you to overwrite the default message name so that you can find your messages in the Track Your Results and main Messages list pages.

2. Enter your Email Subject Line. Email Subject Line is a required field; you cannot send your message without it.  You can also edit your email From Name, email From Address and Reply-to email address.

3. Select your recipients:
     a. Group(s) - choose one or more groups to which to send your eMessage.  If a particular contact
         or email address is in multiple Groups, our system will automatically remove duplicates so only
         one message will be sent per email address.
     b. Selected Contacts - use the search feature to find and select specific recipients. Be sure to use
         the > arrows to move the found recipients to the RIGHT side of the page.  This is your SEND
     c. Copy/Paste email addresses - add recipients "on the fly".  Be sure to add the recipients as
         shown in the example:  First Last EmailAddress MobilePhone (optional)
     d. Entire Contact List

  You can select multiple options above, however it is unnecessary to choose for instance, a Group AND Entire Contact List.  You don't have to select any recipients now if:

     a. You are only sending a Mobile Message
     b. You are only sending a Social Update
     c. You are not ready to send your eMessage yet

   Click Save & Continue

4.  To skip Mobile and Social updates, click the Schedule & Send button at to the top of the page and skip to STEP 6, OR

5. If you want to send a Mobile Message or Social Update in addition to your eMessage, use the Compose your Mobile Message page and/or Compose your Social Update page to do so, then click Save & Continue 

6. Schedule your message: choose to Save as a Draft, Send Now, or Schedule Delivery - Note: All send times are eastern time. (If you have not selected recipients for your message yet, you can only Save as Draft.) 

7. Click Save & Continue.  All events will be sent at their individually scheduled times.  

NOTE that when scheduling messages for a later date, you MUST activate the Schedule Delivery radio button to activate the calendar. If you schedule a future date, then click the Send Now radio button, the scheduled date will be removed, and your message will be sent immediately. Sent messages cannot be recalled or undone.

A copy of your message will automatically be saved in your My Messages list. If you archive your message before it's actually sent, it will not be sent.

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