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3.4. Finding my Operating System and Browser Version

Updated 04.17.17

Please read carefully.  

For certain system-related issues, we need to know what Operating System and Browser versions you are running in order to begin research.  We only request this info when it's absolutely necessary; therefore, when we do request it, we really need BOTH your exact operating system AND browser version.  We won't be able to research your issue until you provide it. 

We know, what a pain, right? We're not trying to be difficult or avoid looking into your issue.  Here's why we need this info: With all the operating environments and devices and technology out there, and the speed at which it changes, it's impossible to perform research into system-related issues without knowing EXACTLY what system you're using. For example, did you know there are over 40 versions of Chrome - not to mention all the other browsers available?  And the hundreds of mobile and desktop devices out there?  Yeah... there are literally thousands of possible combinations.  If we had to test them all every time an issue arose, it could literally take weeks to resolve, not to mention that the resolution may not apply to you if you're not on the same exact system we researched!  Ouch!

Here's how to find the info we need so we can best identify and resolve your difficulty.  


1. Computer Operating System and VERSION (example: Microsoft Office XP version 8.3.1)

    FIND the Operating System by right-clicking on the My Computer icon (if there is no My
icon on the desktop, click Start, then right-click My Computer), then choose


    The System Properties dialogue box will open.  In some versions, the General tab displays
    information about the Operating System and Version.  In the example below, the Operating
    System is Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.  The Version is Service Pack 1.


2. Internet Browser type and VERSION (i.e., Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4.1)

    FIND the Browser information by opening a new browser, then clicking the Help menu or the
    ? (Question Mark) icon from the browser toolbar.  Then choose About (Internet Explorer,
    Firefox, etc.)



   From the "About" dialogue box, view the Version:







Find your Operating system:

  1. Click on the Apple Logo in the left conner of your screen
  2. Click on "About This Mac"

Find your Browser Version:

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