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5.2. eListings - Create, Edit, Update

Updated 03.25.18

Watch the overview tutorial.

Want to send an eMessage about a listing or manage your eListings?  No problem! 

1. Hover over the Real Estate Tools tab, then click on Your Listings.  If your listings are provided to NewPanda from your Broker or MLS Service, you can EDIT your listings or simply click here for instructions on sending your eListing.  If you EDIT your eListing, it will no longer be updated by the data exchange and will need to be managed manually through closing or removal from market (Exception: Editing whether your listing displays in your eNewsletters will not remove the listing from updates via data feed!) 20 IMAGES PER LISTING are allowed for manually created or edited listings.

    View more info on data exchange eListings.


2.  To create a new listing, use the Add Listing dropdown menu in the upper right portion of the page and select Real Estate Listing, or click the Action link next to the eListing you'd like to work with.


3. The Listing tool will open.  Add or update information as desired:
  • The Headline field may be customized for JUST LISTED, JUST SOLD, OPEN HOUSE, or any other headline you'd like
  • Use the Sub-Headline field for details about your headline
  • Use the Description fieild for the PROPERTY DESCRIPTION
  • If your listing has a unique URL on your broker's web site or on a third-party web site, OR if you have a Virtual/Visual Tour URL for your listing, enter it in the Listing URL field to activate a hyperlink to the URL within your eNewsletter and NewPanda web site Listing Details / Listing Greetings View This Listing Online or Property Details link.  The Listing URL field is not intended to populate photos into your Listing eGreetings or your web site.

*Note: Please test your manually-entered URLs to ensure the links are correct!
4. To manually upload / edit listing photos:
  • Click the Browse button to browse for your .jpg, .gif or .png image (see notes below for requirements)
  • Add a photo name and (optional) description in the appropriate fields.
  • Click the X to delete a particular image
  • Use the numeric dropdown list for each image to specify the order in which it should appear. Designating more than one image to display in a specific order may prevent your images from appearing. Max 20 images per manual listing. Loading more images will cause problems if trying to email the listing.
Notes on photos and names:

           Photos uploaded that do not meet ideal size requirements will be automatically enlarged or
           reduced to fit the available space and pixelization will occur.  Use an image editing program
           like Photoshop or  SnagIt to resize your listing photos prior to uploading for optimal viewing.

5.  Click in the Enable This Listing In My Newsletters checkbox to activate (or inactivate) the listing for your eNewsletters and on your website in the VIEW MY LISTINGS link.  The listing will automatically appear (or be removed) in all eNewsletters transmitted on your behalf and on your website.
6. Click Save Listing
Ready to send it? Click here.

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