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14.8. I got Spammed by NewPanda

Updated 04.03.19

We apologize if someone has violated our Terms of Use or sent you unwanted eMessages.  Please know that we strongly encourage our emailers to observe email ettiquette and to send eMessages only to individuals who have provided their email address with the understanding that they may receive eMessages from the sender from time to time.

Each and every eMessage that is sent through the NewPanda platform has a handy UNSUBSCRIBE link embedded in it.  This link is customized for the intended recipient in order to help us automatically remove the right email address from our "send" list as soon as the link is clicked. 

If you are having trouble clicking the link in a particular eMessage or getting removed from the list of a particular sender, please FORWARD a copy of the unwanted eCommunication to help@newpanda.com with a note letting us know about your difficulty, and we will take appropriate measures to resolve your issue immediately.

It's also possible that a real Spammer or virus has "spoofed" NewPanda.  Helpful information about email spoofing can be viewed here.

If a message was FORWARDED to you, the Unsubscribe link will not "update" itself.  Because we have no control over intended recipients forwarding eMessages, you will need to contact the person that forwarded the unwanted eMessage to you to request they stop emailing you.

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