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5.18. Archiving eMessages

Updated 03.09.17

So you've sent 50 eMessages and your list is getting hard to manage.  You've got eMessages there that you sent six months ago, but you're afraid to delete them and you just want them out of your way? Just click the Archive button to send it to your Archived eMessages folder.

There are three types of messages in your MESSAGES list:



Now, before you start getting all happy with the Archive feature, please notice there is no "Un-Archive" button.  That's because each eMessage you send is unique, has a unique set of recipients and generates a unique set of open/ unopen/ undeliverable statistics (see Tracking Results). 

Archiving a message before its Send Date will cancel the sending process.  Our "send" system doesn't look at archived messages (in order to keep the process quick and clean).  We assume that if you archive a message, you mean "I'm all done with this." 

Click the View Archived Messages button to view and/or work with eMessages you've archived.  If you want to resend a particular eMessage, either to the same recipients or a new recipient list, you can REPLICATE it.  This creates a copy of your original eMessage, but allows you to generate separate reporting statistics for it - you know, to keep it all clean-like.

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