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5.19. Replicating eMessages

Updated 04.12.19

Creating a campaign based on a template theme? Want to send a message to different groups but track your opens/unopens/bounces separately? Need to "resend" a message you've already sent in the past? Replicate it!

Note: eNewsletters may not be replicated without NewPanda's Advanced Email Tools feature.

The Replicate feature is great for creating theme-based messages where you have a general design or content idea, but want to make several versions, either to send as a drip campaign or to better target your recipient groups with slightly different information. It's also really handy for those times when you say, "You know, I created this fantastic message a while back that got awesome results - I wish I could just copy it!"

One important detail to know is that when you replicate a message that has been created with a pre-set template, you are replicating that template. You won't be able to choose a different template for the message, but you will be able to EDIT the template to the extent that the template design is editable.

Another important reminder is that when you replicate messages, you edit at your own risk. NewPanda cannot troubleshoot, edit, fix, or re-generate any messages you've replicated.

In cases where you want to use the same CONTENT for your eMessage but switch templates, we suggest the old "copy and paste" method, you know, where you COPY the content and then PASTE it into a new template. 

To replicate a message, choose a saved message from the Your Messages list, and click the Replicate link associated with it. Then you can select new recipients, edit to your heart's desire and send away! 

A note about Message Names for replicated messages: Message Name is a system requirement, used by NewPanda to identify each unique message you've created. When you replicate a message, by default, we'll rename it with the original message name, appended with today's date. Replicating a message multiple times will add additional dates on the end of the Message Name. Be sure to RENAME your message appropriately in the Email Details Page so you can easily identify the message down the road.

If you've already archived the message, first click to activate the "Show Archived Messages" field.  \Once you've located the message you wish to work with, click REPLICATE. 

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