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5.34. Can I design my own templates?

Updated 05.26.13

Absolutely!  You can use our HTML or Open Palette features to create your very own message designs and templates. 


If you are not relatively experienced with writing HTML code, no problem!  Use the Open Palette feature to create copy, make it fancy, insert links and images and much more. 

Or, if you are good with HTML, use the HTML feature to paste your code and go!

To create a template to use and re-use, name the "template message" something like "Barb's Beauty Bonanza Drip #1 Template".  Once it's been tested thoroughly and you're sure it's absolutely perfect in every way, just replicate it each time you want to send it.  Rename it appropriately, and don't forget to change your EMAIL SUBJECT LINE.

Did you notice our reference above to testing your eMessages?  This is a critical step when sending eMessages, whether you design your own templates or not, so you can avoid mistakes and potential embarrassment.  Click the link above or see our Related Pages below so you can incorporate this important step into every eMessage you send.  

A few words about the HTML feature:

Several resources for HTML Coding are listed below.  We make no promises about the information provided and accept no responsibility for content found on the pages referred to herewith.  While we want to be helpful, please understand we can't control content on other sites.  If you find something inappropriate, outdated, offensive or inaccurate, please let us know and we'll remove or update the link in question.

World Wide Web Consortium

Introduction to HTML and URLs by Ian Graham

w3schools.com HTML tutorial

HTML Goodies Primer

HTML Code Tutorial



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