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4.37. How can I fix data in all lower-case or all upper-case?

Updated 06.08.13

Our platform can't fix your data for you, but you can use Microsoft Excel functions to change the first letter of each word in a field or in all fields BEFORE you import it.

Basic Excel instructions (that may or may not apply specifically to the Excel version you are using):

1. Open your data (or a new document) in Excel. 

2. Click Help from the menu options. 

3. From the dropdown menu, choose Microsoft Excel Help (or, Press F1). 

4. When the Assistance box opens, search for "mixed case". 

5. From the Results page, choose "Change the case of text".

Step-by-step instructions will be provided.  Or find more online information about changing case by doing a search-engine search for "Mixed Case Microsoft Excel" or a similar phrase.

Online Resources that may be helpful follow.  We offer them for your convenience and caution you to use them at your own discretion.  We make no guarantees about any content not provided by NewPanda since we have no control over it.  If you find something incorrect, outdated, inappropriate or downright offensive, please let us know and we'll remove or update the appropriate link:

Microsoft Excel 2007 Help Page

Microsoft Excel 2003 Help Page

Lynda.com's Excel Tutorials

Unfortunately, and you've heard us say this before, although we'll support OUR product until the cows come home, we can't provide technical support for other people's products beyond the instructions and resources we've provided herewith.

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