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4.25. How is my NewPanda contact data protected?

Updated 06.08.13

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NewPanda provides multiple mirrored servers, so if one ever fails, it's not a problem.  We also back up our data the old fashioned way, on tape.  And we have this awesome firewall and crazy ninja encryption all over the place, so hackers can't just waltz in and start poking around or generally wreaking havoc.

BUT we still recommend that you periodically backup your data by exporting a COPY and saving it off somewhere that you can get to it.  Why?  Well, what if you accidentally deleted all your contacts from NewPanda?  (Deletions are done in real-time and are permanent, and they cannot be undone).  Or, what if you THOUGHT you didn't need some of your data anymore, and then three months later, you had an epiphany of a great new way you could use that data - oh, but wait - you deleted it!?!?  

For these reasons, we encourage, urge and challenge you to save copies of your data like once a month.  Create a folder on your desktop or C drive called "Monthly Data Backup" and keep each file for a year.  If you haven't used it in a year, number one, it's WAY OLD and probably obsolete, so you wouldn't want to use it anyway (YIKES!).  And number two, you probably don't need a copy of something that old anymore.  But we could be wrong.

So if we recommend that you backup your data, why do we keep a copy of it, and why can't you just have a copy of our copy if you accidentally do something bad?  It's kind of complicated, but basically, we keep a copy for a short time (new copies all the time, but each copy for a short time), in case some extremely rare problem happens on OUR end.  Then it's OUR job to fix it.  But our developers are really busy creating new, fun features and such, and we can't interrupt their crazy schedules to locate and replace data you deleted either on purpose or accidentally (or we would have to hire at least one full-time person called a Data-Putter-Backer).  And we'd end up with like 6,000 backup tapes laying around and collecting dust on our shelves.  Ack.

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