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6.2. Managing eNewsletter Subscriptions

Updated 08.01.2019

If you are managing subscriptions for many contacts already in your database, the easiest option is through the Newsletter settings or the Manage Groups feature.  Scroll down to view instructions for managing individual contacts or mass subscribing contacts during the import process.

NOTE! Your Real Estate Newsletter GROUP NAME will vary depending on your broker affiliation with NewPanda.  Use this menu to determine which group to use:

I - Subscribe / Unsubscribe all contacts:


II - Subscribe or Unsubscribe Contacts in an existing group(s)
  • From the main Contacts page, filter for the group(s) you want to subscribe/unsubscribe to Newsletters. 
  • Once the filter is active use the select options to select all (this will select all of the filtered set). 
  • Use the Actions menu to choose Groups, then select the appropriate Newsletter Group.
  • Click the Add to Groups or Remove from Groups button to complete the process
  • Clear the filter



III - Subscribe / Unsubscribe several or many contacts


IV - Subscribe new contacts as you add them to your database:

V - Subscribe new contacts as you import them (not applicable for the copy/paste function for adding contacts):


Note that when selecting the eNewsletter channel while mass-importing contacts, all contacts imported with an email address will be subscribed to your eNewsletter.  Only contacts with a valid email address can be subscribed to receive your eNewsletters.

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