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4.32. How do I import my different groups into NewPanda in one process?

Updated 09.08.13


Your Groups data must be contained in a single field for import into NewPanda.  Within that field, groups must be separated by a semicolon ONLY (and no spaces).


If your "groups" cell is not semi-colon separated, please note that a group will be created for each unique data set in the "groups" cell. 

In the example on the left above, the following groups would be created:

   1. Church
   2. Chamber
   3. Customer
   4. Golf

In the example on the right above, the following groups would be created:

   1. Church, Chamber
   2. Customer, Golf
   3. Customer, Church

If your groups are currently separated by a comma or other character, you can quickly do an Edit / Replace through Microsoft Excel to replace the separating character with a semicolon.


You can use the same process to remove any spaces by entering a SPACE in the "Find What" field, and leaving the "Replace With" field blank.  In one step, you can "find" (comma space) and replace with (semicolon) for example.

If you haven't created matching groups in your NewPanda account yet, don't worry.  The groups will be auto-created during the import process. 

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