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4.36. Help! I accidentally deleted my data!

Updated 04.08.17

Dude, that stinks!  NewPanda keeps a copy of your deleted contacts for 30 days, in a Group we auto-create for you (in your Groups feature) called Recently Deleted Contacts.  If a contact you want to restore isn't there, we don't have it any longer.  Sorry! 

When deleting multiple contacts, a security dialogue box appears asking "Are you sure you want to delete the selected contacts?"  We assume that when you click YES or hit your ENTER key, you really do mean, yes, please

NewPanda recommends that you periodically backup your NewPanda data by exporting a copy of it, and saving it somewhere that you can easily get to it.  Create a folder on your desktop or C drive called "Monthly Data Backup" and keep each file for a year.  If you haven't used it in a year, number one, it's WAY OLD and probably obsolete, so you wouldn't want to use it anyway (YIKES!).  And number two, you probably don't need a copy of something that old anymore. 

Click here for info on viewing and managing Recently Deleted Contacts.  Good luck!

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