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4.26. Who has access to my list data?

Updated 01.08.18

*Please carefully read our Privacy Policy for more information.

As outlined in our Privacy Policy, your data is yours.  Not ours.  Or anyone else's.  Your data may be viewed and manipulated by anyone to whom you provide login access to your NewPanda account. 

NewPanda will neither release login information nor provide access to your tools to anyone but you without your written or electronic consent.  This means if you go on vacation to Sri Lanka and your assistant forgets your login information, they will have to interrupt your vacation to ask you to contact us for permission to disclose it.  This is done for your protection as well as ours.

Contact data in your NewPanda account will never be viewed, shared, rented, sold, disclosed, copied or borrowed by NewPanda for any reason with the following exceptions:

NewPanda reserves the right to review or access your data at such time as you request in order that we may assist you, or as requested by law enforcement agencies, or in cases where SPAM complaint rates for messages from your account are considered too high.

NewPanda associates never - EVER - manage data on your behalf.  That means unless you or law enforcement agencies ask, we won't access your data to view, update, organize, add to or delete from it.

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