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15.4. Do I have to manage Unsubscribe requests myself?

Updated 04.17.17

Watch our Contacts: Email OptOuts video:

Mostly no, but sometimes yes.  If a recipient of your eMessage clicks the handy "Unsubscribe" link we include in each eMessage you send through NewPanda, nothing else has to be done.  By anyone.  Not you, not your recipient, not us.  It's automatic and instant.  They won't get any more eMessages sent from you AFTER they have clicked the Unsubscribe link.  If there's a message "in transit" they will still receive it, but that happens relatively rarely.

NOW.  If a recipient calls you up, replies to your eMessage, sends you a letter, has their nephew throw a rock through your window, or some other form of communication OTHER THAN the handy Unsubscribe Link, saying "Please take me off your email list," YOU must login to your NewPanda tools, access that contact's record, and click the UNSUBSCRIBE link (or remove that contact's email address from your database). 

If you don't do that, eventually the recipient may click the "Report Abuse" link from one of your NewPanda eMessages.  In that case, we'll Unsubscribe the recipient for you.  If you get too many "Report Abuses", we will know you aren't managing your opt out requests and we may have to suspend your account.

Check out our page on what to do with contacts that have unsubscribed.

Learn about the Federal CAN-Spam Act of 2003.  And be sure to check out our Terms of Use and Anti-Spam Policy

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