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5.15. Previewing eMessages

Updated 07.13.18

The Preview feature is located at the top of your editing screen.      


To view your eMessage as your recipient(s) will see it, click the Preview button.  An invited popup window will appear with your eMessage view in it.  You must allow popups from our site to preview your eMessages. 



Send Preview Via Email

The Send Preview feature allows you to test your messages thoroughly before sending and capturing tracking results - a great tool when making extensive edits to your message!  In the Preview screen, enter a recipient email address(es) and click the Send Preview button to receive a live email copy without actually sending your message.  You may send previews as many times as you like. 

If using CONTACT NAME merge tags, our system will insert the FirstName (or DearName) of the FIRST CONTACT in your "send" list into your PREVIEW email.


Previewing Merged Data

By default, when you preview your eMessages, Merge Tag data is not automatically inserted.  We do this to keep the Preview process quick and efficient.  But we understand you may want to preview your merged data to be sure all is well before sending your eMessage.  Click the Show With Merged Contact Data checkbox to activate a preview of your eMessage with merged data.  Remember that the more Merge Tags you use and recipieints you select, the longer it could take for our system to load your merged preview.


We recommend you use the handy Send Preview feature pictured above to email yourself (or anyone else) a copy of your message before sending to your recipients. Use a comma to separate multiple email addresses; we recommend you preview your message fully in many email clients such as Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., to be fully sure of how your message will render in each.

When you're done previewing your eMessage, just close the Preview window to go back to Design mode.

If your merged data doesn't look correct in Preview mode, you'll want to check the merge fields you've selected from your raw contact data to make sure you've selected the correct Merge Tags and make sure your data is clean, correct and up-to-date in the corresponding fields.

NewPanda recommends you always test your messages for design, functionality, grammar and spelling before sending to your live list!

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