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9.5. Results for Forwarded eMessages

Updated 02.08.12

So what happens when one of your recipients forwards an eMessage they received from you to someone else?  The NewPanda system will capture each individual "open" for the eMessage as a unique open, as long as the tracking code isn't "broken" by the forwarding process (and in some cases, it can be).

In cases where the tracking code is intact to forwarded recipients:

1. Our system can still count the number of times the eMessage has been opened, even to a
     forwarded recipient

2. For technical reasons, we cannot count the forwarded recipient as a "unique" opener

3. For privacy purposes, we cannot track who forwarded the eMessage and to what email address 
     the eMessage was forwarded

Tracking from forwarded eMessages will apply to the original recipient.  So if one of your recipients forwards an eMessage to five friends who each open the eMessage, it will look like the original recipient opened the eMessage at least 6 times. 

Unfortunately, if one of those "forwarded" recipients clicks the UNSUBSCRIBE link from the forwarded eMessage, they'll unsubscribe the original recipient.  So if you encourage your recipients to "share the news", you should encourage them to forward contact information for new prospects to you, and you should use a warm-up message or two to find out if they'd like to hear from you on a regular basis.  Then go ahead and add them as a permanent contact (or delete them if necessary).

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