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6.12. Creating eNewsletter links for web sites, social posts & eMessages

Updated 03.05.18

It's easy to create a Newsletter link you can use on your web sites, social networks, blogs, email messages, and more/

  1. Once logged into your NewPanda app, scroll to the bottom of any tab and find where the the copyright info, terms of use, privacy and anti-spam policy are displayed
  2. Place your cursor below the Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Anti-Spam Policy line, single left-click and hold
  3. With the left-click held, drag up at least one line
  4. Look in the lower left corner of the app - you'll now see a white rectangle. UNSELECT the selected area and SELECT ONLY THE RECTANGLE AREA to view your UserID. highlighted in white, UID:123------- (followed by seven additional numbers). Write down or click & drag to copy this 10-digit number. You won't need the letters UID: or the EID info - just the 10-digit number
  5. Copy the URL below, and update the 10-digit SID number with the UID you found above (shown in red)     
  6. NOTE the example provided directly above is for visual purposes only and links to the NewPanda generic eNewsletter.  If you use the example link, the newsletter viewed will be NewPanda's, not yours! You have a different 10-digit ID number that's unique to your NewPanda tools and that will link to your eNewsletter.
  7. Your eNewsletter URL will always resolve to the most recently published edition of your eNewsletter, automatically. You don't need to change it each month! How sweet is that?

Please note: The link you've just created will always link to the most recent eNewsletter message in your Your Messages list (the link won't work before your first eNewsletter message is created).  Deleting the current message from your Messages list will break the link.


Now that you have your Newsletter URL, you can use it anywhere!

If you have recently added or updated eNewsletter subscribers and just can't wait for the next eNewsletter to come out, you can create an eGreeting or eMessage with a hyperlink to your current online eNewsletter for those recipients.  Here's a really quick and easy way to accomplish this task, that doesn't even require you to create your own link:

1. Create an eMessage using the Customize a Template option (Email Tools feature required). NewPanda's eMessage templates each include a "sender profile card" at the bottom that has your profile image, contact information and handy links to your eNewsletter and web site, and a "contact me" link, too!  Suggested categories would be "Announcements", "General Images" or Seasonal General Images ("Summer General", etc.).

2. In the "customize your message" area, create a message something like this:

    "As a courtesy I've subsdribed you to my monthly eNewsletter.  The next edition will be emailed
     to you soon.  Use the handy "View My eNewsletter" link at the bottom of this message to view
     my current eNewsletter for the latest information, news and trends.  I'll never share your email
     address with any third parties, but if you'd rather not receive email messages from me, just use
     the handy Unsubscribe link below.  And be sure to call or email if I can assist you in any way!"

3. Preview your message to be sure it looks the way you want it to

4. Send away!


Want to create a SUBSCRIBE link for your web sites, social networks and more? Click here.

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