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13.5. Image Enhancement with the NewPanda Image Manager

Updated 02.19.15

The NewPanda Image Manager provides some advanced features so that you can change the alignment, text wrapping, border and even size of your image. 

Be sure to view our page on Tips for Image Uploading for size and image type requirements, as well as other useful information to know before uploading your images.

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To modify an image during the insertion process, click the Properties tab once you've uploaded the image and you can see it displaying in the Preview tab. 

Alternately, if you've already inserted an image into your template and want to modify it, click on the image to select it, then click the Image Manager icon:


On the properties tab, you'll see all sorts of fun things you can do.  Let's take a look at each of the functions and what they do.


Width/Height:  You can manually override the size and dimensions of your image by changing the original dimensions.  Caution: Distortion can and will occur when drastically reducing or enlarging images, or when changing the ratio between width and height.  If you need to resize your image without distortion, you should use an image editing program like PhotoShop or QuarkXPress first, then upload your image.

Border Color: To create a border around your image, first select a color from the color palette.  Then:

Border Width: Select a width for your border.  If you haven't chosen a Border Color, it doesn't matter what width you select - you must choose a color and a width to make the border appear.

(To remove a border you created, select White from the Border Color palette, and change the width to 0 pixels.)

Alt Text: Will be displayed as a tool-tip when the viewer hovers their mouse over your image, whether or not your image is displayed by the recipient's email program.  This is a great feature for visually impaired or other persons that have software that plays tool tips in an audio file. 

Long Description: is not appropriate for the NewPanda application and data entered in this field is not saved.

Image Alignment: You can make your image appear centered, justified top, bottom, left or right.  Use the dropdown menu to select the way you'd like your image to appear.  Then:

Margin: Use this feature to determine how much "white space" (if any) should appear around your image on each side.  If you don't want any text to appear within say 1/4 inch from the top of your image, select about 10 pixels as your top margin, etc.

CSS Class: Really doesn't work well in emails because most email clients will strip out your CSS because it interferes with THEIR CSS, so please don't waste your time with this feature!  (And if you don't know what CSS is, you really don't need it!)

Now be sure to click the INSERT button to insert your image and save all your settings.

Note: Microsoft Outlook will NOT recognize images resized via the image properties feature after your image has been uploaded.  Instead your image will be displayed at its original size (as long as it's smaller than Outlook's MAXIMUM size, in which case it won't display at all).  This is because Outlook uses WORD to render emails, NOT HTML as other email programs do.  More information about designing your messages for display in Outlook here

For us non-techy folks, the best option is to resize your image BEFORE you upload it, to the size at which you would like it to display.  Keep in mind if you have to scroll to view an entire image within the NewPanda editing tools, your email recipients will have to do the same thing. 

Don't have image editing software or know what to use? Click here.

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