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1.4. Billing Plans and Payment Options


Current billing options for Mobile Hotlines System are:

   1. $25 per hotline PER MLSID 
           ~ The hotline will remain active until the MLSID changes to Inactive status in the MLS.

           ~  If you relist a property with a new MLSID, we must redo our work to retreive the property
               information from the MLS service, and a new $25 activation fee will apply.

   2. $35 per month - unlimited hotlines
           ~ Hotlines will remain active until the listing closes or until you discontinue your monthly plan.

Who Pays the Charge:

Billing is performed through the account of the Primary listing agent, regardless of team status. 
For Mobile Hotlines Monthly Unlimited plan users,only listings activated under the PARTICIPATING AGENT'S MLSID qualify.  If a team member lists a property under their own Agent MLSID, they cannot use another Primary Listing Agent's Monthly Unlimited plan, regardless of team status.

For liability purposes, NewPanda cannot manage your billing settings.  You'll need to set up and manage your billing plan and payment information.  Here's how:

1. Login to your NewPanda tools (Edina agents go to your ProKit Desktop HOME, and choose
    Resource Center and MLS. In the Marketing Resources section, choose Mobile Hotline).

2. Choose Settings from the upper right portion of the screen.

3. Choose the Billing tab. The Billing page will open.

    If you don't need to update payment information and just want to update your Billing Plan,
    skip to Step 5.

4. Click the Add or Update Credit Cards button to open the Credit Card Management page.  To 
    EDIT (including REPLACE) credit card information, click the Edit Icon.  To add a new credit card,
    click the Add button.

    All fields are required:
      a. Use the dropdown menu to select the type of credit card.  We accept Visa, Master Card,
          American Express, and Discover
      b. Enter the name of the card holder as it appears on the card statement
      c. Enter the card number with no spaces, hyphens, underscores, or characters
                Example:  4126000022223111
      d. Use the dropdown menu to select the card expiration Month and Year
      e. Enter the billing Street Address as it appears on the card statement
      f. Enter the billing City, State and Zip as they appear on the card statement.  Use the
          two-letter postal code for your state, i.e., MN or WI
                 (Note, there are separate fields for the City, the State, and the Zip)
      g. Enter your telephone number. Use dashes ONLY to separate area code, prefix and
          extension - please do not use slashes, periods or spaces
                 Example:  952-234-5656   or   9522345656
      h. Be sure to click the SAVE button to save your information

5. Refresh your screen to view the updated billing information.  

6. By default, the $25 per MLSID option is selected for you.  To select the $35 per month option,
    simply click the appropriate radio button.  By choosing the $35 Monthly Unlimited setting you
    are agreeing to pay $35 per month for activation of unlimited hotlines.  Hotlines activated in
    this plan will remain active until the listing becomes inactive, or until you change to the $25
    per MLSID plan.

What Happens if I change from the "Unlimited Plan" to the Per MLSID plan?

You may switch to the $25 Per MLSID option at any time with no commitment to NewPanda.  Hotlines activated while on the Unlimited plan will be inactivated at such time as you move out of the Unlimited Plan, and moving forward you will be charged $25 to activate new hotlines or to re-activate any hotlines inactivated when you discontinued your Unlimited plan. 

This is primarly done to discourage agents from activating many hotlines during one month on the Unlimited plan, then switching out of the Unlimited plan immediately without paying for continued hotline service during the life of those listings (and the hotlines activated). We're sure you understand!

To cancel the Monthly Unlimited plan, simply click the CANCEL link in your Billing tab and accept the terms of cancellation.

   Pay Per MLSID OptionIt is possible to set up your account with MULTIPLE CHARGE CARDS to
      select from if you participate on a per-hotline basis.  You'll just need to tell your Listing 
      Coordinator which account to charge each time.   

   Monthly Unlimited Plan:  The charge card marked as the DEFAULT card will be charged for
      Monthly Unlimited services.  To switch out charge cards, log in prior to each billing day to
      select the DEFAULT card for the next payment.

Refunds:  Because of hard, fixed costs involved in activating your hotlines and providing requested voice and mobile data, refunds cannot be issued except within 24 hours of activation of any hotline.

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