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8.3. Linking to NON NewPanda Content: Advanced Facebook Options

Updated 09.21.17

NewPanda lets you create beautiful, super-professional looking Facebook posts with links to online content and imagery, or post web pages for eMessages you've already created (NewPanda Social Tools required). Here's how:

This page covers LINKING TO NON-NEWPANDA CONTENT. To view instructions for posting your NewPanda eMessage pages, click here.

Note: You can either link to NewPanda content OR to non-NewPanda content.  Facebook does not allow posts to link to two different URLs.

1. Create the basics of your Social Update (message name, message type)

2. Choose the Create Social Message tab

3. Choose which accounts will receive the update.  Hint: Select your Facebook Account(s) or Pages

4. Within the Compose Your Social Message section, add an optional personal comment in the text area. 

5. Click Advanced Facebook Options

A. In the Insert Your Own URL field, enter the hyperlink to the original content.  Example: 

    Then click the Insert icon (the arrow). The system will place your SHORT URL in the Personal Comments box automatically. This is because Twitter & LinkedIn do not have advanced posting options.  Simply Copy or CUT the short URL from the Personal Comments field, and Paste it into the Link URL field below (see illustration).

B. In the Image URL field, enter an optional link to an image you'd like to associate with your post.  If the original content includes an image, you can RIGHT-CLICK on the image, choose
    Properties, then copy the Image URL (In FireFox, choose Copy Image Location):


C. In the Title field, enter an appropriate title for your post (i.e., the original article headline or a brief description of the content).

D. In the Caption field, enter an appropriate sub-title, or give credit to your source (i.e. "From FoodNetwork.com")

E. In the Description field, enter one or two sentences that will tempt viewers to click the link to view the content you've posted.  If using an online article, the first few sentences of the first paragraph are appropriate.

Here's how your post should look once you've entered your data:

F. Now click the Save & Continue button.

G. If you go back and EDIT the post before posting, you'll notice that our system has updated your provided Link and Image URLs with short URLs - this is perfectly fine and the links will work just like the original links. 

H. When you're done editing your post and are sure it's just the way you want it, click the Save & Continue button.

I. In the Schedule and Send Your Messages page, click Send Now or Schedule Delivery if you'd like NewPanda to automatically publish your post at a future date/time.  Then click Save & Continue.

Here's how your post will look on your Facebook Profile or Facebook Page:

Now, wasn't that easy?

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