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7.5. Auto Pilot Birthdays and Milestone eCards

Updated 09.14.17

*Please carefully read our Terms of Use, Anti-Spam Policy and Privacy Policy before activating or sending eMessages.

This page is designed to help you understand the NewPanda Birthday and Milestone Anniversary Auto Pilot eCards.  These Auto-Pilot eCards are triggered by date-related information about a specific contact that lives in their contact record, like a birthdate or other important date you have added.  For a contact to receive a Birthday or Milestone Anniversary Auto Pilot eGreeting, they must meet all the following criteria once you activate the event:

   1.  Have a valid email address in your database
   2.  Be in "opt-in" status (not unsubscribed)
   3.  Have present in their contact record a date correlating to the event selected
          Example: for Mary Smith to receive the Birthday Auto Pilot eGreeting, she must not be
                       Unsubscribed, must have a valid email address, and must have a birthdate
                       present in her contact record.


Realtors: The Customer Anniversary field in the Important Dates for each contact represents the CLOSING DATE of the contact's last real estate purchase transaction and is used for Home Anniversary Auto Pilot events (if activated).

Birthday and Anniversary Auto Pilot messages are created once per day, beginning just after midnight, to alleviate system drag while many users might be logged in.  Please allow up to 24 hours for your Birthday and Anniversary event eCards to appear in your Your Messages list.

Access your Auto Pilot features from the Messages menu, under Auto Pilot Settings / Holiday Email and Events.  The Auto Pilot Settings page will load.  Scroll to the Contact-Based Events section.


I. Activating Contact-Based Auto Pilot eCards and what that means to you

Check the Active box to activate a particular Auto Pilot event.

1.  By default, each Auto Pilot contact-based eCard event you activate will generate an eCard
     for every contact in your database fitting the criteria stated above. 

2.  We'll automatically create an eCard for each contact-based Auto Pilot event you activate 14 days 
     in advance.  These eCards will appear in your Your Messages feature once we've created them for
     you.  At that time, you'll be able to edit the template, contents, recipients, and Send Date if
     you like.

II. Inactivating Contact-Based Auto Pilot eCards and what that means to you

Uncheck the Active box from your Auto Pilot Settings feature to inactivate a particular Auto Pilot event. 

1. Previously activated, auto-created Auto Pilot eCards will be permanently deleted upon
    inactivation of your Auto Pilot event.  If you edited your eCard template, contents, recipient
    list or send date, those changes will be lost.

2. If you re-activate the Auto Pilot event, new Auto Pilot eCards will be created for you as
    described in Section I above, using our default template, content, and send date.

Your message will automatically be saved in your Your Messages feature. 

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