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7.2. Auto Pilot Holiday eCards

Updated 01.14.18

Watch the Auto Pilot eCard events overview tutorial video.

I. Activating Auto Pilot Holiday/Event eCards and what that means to you

From the Messages tab, click the Holiday Emails & Events option under Autopilot Settings



Check the Active box to activate a particular Auto Pilot event eCard.



1.  By default, each Auto Pilot eCard event you activate will include every contact in your "Default
     Contacts" group for whom a valid email address exists.  
         EXCEPTION: Coldwell Banker NRT users -> default GROUP = "Primary Sphere"
     For instructions on editing the default template, content and/or recipients list, click here

2.  We'll automatically create an eCard about 15 days in advance for each Auto Pilot eCard event you
     activate.  These eCards will appear in your Your Messages feature once we've created them for
     you.  At that time, you'll be able to edit the eMessage template, contents, recipients, and Send
     Date if you like.

3.  Already-created eCards are also editable from the Auto Pilot Settings tab.

4.  We encourage you to carefully consider each Auto Pilot event, its delivery method and send date
     before you activate the event.  Be especially cognizant of other eMessages you may have
     scheduled to go out during that time frame.  Remember that the higher the frequency at which
     you send eCards, the higher your Unsubscribe rates can become.  

                Hint:  Halloween and Fall Back always fall within one week of each other.  We
                           recommend you send ONLY ONE of these Auto Pilot eCards.  Consider
                           a Facebook, LinkedIn or other social post for the other event!


5.  During each Holiday Auto Pilot event, your messages will be throttled for up to 72 hours while
     we do all the awesome stuff we do to get your messages delivered - to the inbox - NOT
     blocked or sent to your recipients' Spam or Junk folders.  Your message status may show as
     "Processing" during this time - but that's completely ok!  If you try to edit or "push out"
     your message during the sending process, you may cause fatal errors which can cause
     your message not to go out at all. 

II. Inactivating Auto Pilot eCards and what that means to you

Uncheck the Active box from your Auto Pilot Settings feature to inactivate a particular Auto Pilot eCard.  You'll notice that you can't archive or delete an unsent Auto Pilot eCard from your Your Messages tab (exception: Birthdays and Milestone events).  

If you don't want an event-based eCard to go out, inactivate the event in your Auto Pilot Settings.  We've designed the system this way on purpose for many reasons, the chief being that we don't want you to forget what you've activated, then "accidentally" create and send more eCards for any single event. 

1. Previously activated, auto-created Auto Pilot eCards will be permanently deleted upon inactivation
    of your Auto Pilot event.  If you edited your eCard template, contentsm recipient list or send date,
    those changes will be lost.

2. If you re-activate the Auto Pilot Card, new eCards will be created for you as described in Section I
    above, using our default template, content, recipients and send date.

Your message will automatically be saved in your My Messages feature. 

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