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7.1. Autopilot Holiday eCards

Updated 01.14.18


Activating Autopilot Holiday/Event eCards

From the Messages tab, click the Holiday Emails & Events option under Autopilot Settings.  

Check the Active box to activate a particular Autopilot event eCard.


Inactivating Autopilot eCards

Uncheck the Active box from your Autopilot Settings feature to inactivate a particular Autopilot eCard. 

You'll notice that you can't archive or delete an unsent Autopilot eCard from Your Messages tab (exception: Birthdays and Milestone events).  

If you don't want an event-based eCard to go out, inactivate the event in your Autopilot Settings. 

We've designed the system this way on purpose for many reasons, the chief being that we don't want you to forget what you've activated,

then "accidentally" create and send more eCards for any single event. 

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