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4.3. Adding, Removing and Managing Contacts

Updated 03.10.19

Please be sure to read our Terms of Use, Anti-Spam and Privacy Policy before importing contacts.  NewPanda is for permission-based emails ONLY.  NewPanda is never to be used for purchased, rented, or non opt-in contact data.

SuperQuick video instructions!

Watch our Contact Manager Overview video:

Check out our page on Data Management for important tips and tricks for adding clean, up-to-date data and keeping it fresh as a springtime daisy!

1. Add Contacts:  Use the Quick Contact Entry feature to add contacts "on the fly".  Simply enter basic information like Name, Email Address, Mobile Phone, Group affiliations, and then click Quick Add.  Use the Add More Details link to enter additional information.

If you want to create a new contact with greater detail such as home and/or business address, Title, Company, URL, etc., click the Add More Details button.  Note the Save buttons at the top and bottom of the Contact Detail page - don't forget to save each record.



2. Display Home or Business Address: Click the Home or Business icon to set or change your default display preference.



3.  Edit Contacts:  If using the Filter section to find contact(s) to edit, enter some information about the contact, then click the Search button.  When the filtered contact(s) display, click the name of the record you wish to edit.  The contact detail page will open. Click the Edit tab and make your changes. Don't forget to save!

Alternately you can scroll through your contact list to find a record to edit.  Just click on the record name to open the contact details page, and be sure to save your changes.

4. Actions: You can search or filter for contacts, then perform actions like send an eCard, create a To-Do and more.  Use the search and/or filter features to find the contacts you want to work with, or scroll through your list to hand-pick them. 

Click the Select box for one or more contacts, or use the Select Contacts options to select All contacts, just contacts on This Page, or None (unselect the contacts).


Once you have selected one or more contacts, the Actions section will open.


    a. Delete: You'll be prompted, "Are you sure you want to delete?" as a safety precaution.  
        Deleted contacts are automatically moved to a Group we create for you, called
        "Recently Deleted Contacts" (of all things).  Deleted contacts will remain in this group
        and are only visible by filtering for this group for 30 days, after which time the contacts
        are permanently deleted.

    b. Export: Exports a copy of the selected contact(s) in .csv (Comma Separated Value) format.
        If choosing the Save option, be sure to save the data somewhere you can easily find it,
        like on your Desktop.

    c. Groups: Opens the Groups dialogue box.  Select one or more Groups, then you can add or
       remove the selected contacts to or from the selected Groups.  Learn more about the Groups
       feature here.

    d. Send eCard: Takes you directly to the eCards main menu where, BAM! You can select a
        template and send that message in a flash!  (Snazzy, huh??) Complete instructions for
        creating and sending eCards can be viewed here.

    e. Send eStationery: Takes you directly to the eStationery main menu.  Choose your template,
        and off you go!  Complete instructions for creating and sending templated eMessages can be
        viewed here.

    f. Create To-Do: Opens the To-Do detail page.  Enter details for your To-Do, then click the Add
       Now button.  A separate To-Do will be created for each contact selected.  More information
       for To-Dos can be viewed here.

The next page shows you how to Sort, Search, Filter and perform Actions for your contacts.

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