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6.3. Domain Name Management

Updated 01.12.11

Your membership may include one free, custom domain name (such as yourname.com). To check availability of and reserve a particular domain name:

1. From the Real Estate Tools tab, click Agent Website from the sub-menu

2. Click Domain Name Mgt from the options on the left

    The upper section of the Domain Name management page contains your default NewPanda
    domain name. If you reserve a private domain name, we will "mask" it to point to the NewPanda
    domain name. You do not need to promote your NewPanda domain name if you reserve a
    private domain name.

3. Enter the domain name of your choice in the lower section of the Domain Name management
    page, then press Save Changes to enter your request.

    Note on Domain Name requests: Please enter only one request for a domain name. If multiple
    requests are submitted, we will check availability on only the most recent domain submitted. If
    available, we will purchase it on your behalf. If you are unsure that your desired domain name
    is available, submit it anyway and let us check on it for you. If it is not available, we will contact
    you and ask you to make another selection.

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