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7.2. Editing Autopilot eCards

Updated 09.14.17


Trying to delete an Autopilot eCard but there's no delete button? Click here, and see Step II - Inactivating Autopilot eCards. Once you Inactivate the event, the message will automatically be deleted from your list.

On Autopilot send dates our email servers are extremely busy doing all the things we do to get your messages delivered.  One of those things is required throttling so your messages don't end up in Spam or Junk folders - or worse - blocked altogether.  

The Autopilot send events are always scheduled to allow up to several days for all the messages to get through - so one or some of your messages may be held in our outbound queue for anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days while we do everything we can to get everyone's messages delivered to the recipients' inboxes. 

If you edit or try to "resend" your message while its status is PROCESSING, it will interrupt the send sequence - perhaps even fatally.  Remember that during an Auto Pilot send, the message may be processing for a while, but that's ok.

When you edit the recipient list or any other content information for an Auto Pilot eCard, you are editing ONLY the contents and recipients for a single eCard. Each new Auto Pilot eCard we create on your behalf will include all default settings.

Example: If you edit the recipients for your 2011 Happy New Year Auto Pilot eCard, the selections you make will not apply to your 2012 Happy New Year Auto Pilot eCard. You'll need to manage that separately when the eCard becomes available for editing next year.

1. From the Auto Pilot Settings page, click the Edit link for a particular event.

OR from the Your Messages page, click the edit icon.

2. From the Design page, you can change the template of the Auto Pilot eCard. If you change the template, all auto-created content including the default verbiage will be lost. That means you will need to review the default verbiage for the new template you have selected, and update it if necessary. Remember that many of our templates contain default verbiage something like this: "Hey! Don't forget to add your message here!!" If you don't add a message, your recipients  will get an eCard from you that says something like, "Hey! Don't forget to add your message here!!" Yeah.

Recommended: If you want to change the eCard template, first copy the default verbiage, paste it into a Notepad or .txt file, then paste it into your new template.

3. Use the Preview tab to preview, spell-check and otherwise proof all eCards before sending. Close the preview box when finished. Here's a link to more complete information on Previewing eMessages.

4. Click Save & Continue at the bottom of the editing page when done.

5. The Email Details page allows you to do the following at your discretion (or leave default content and recipients):

    a. Update the Message Name
    b. Update the Email Subject Line
    c. Update the Email From field
    d. Update the Email From email address (NOTE: you are required to comply at all times with 
        Federal CAN-SPAM regulations if updating your Email From email address - we are required
        to suspend or shut down accounts that are non CAN-SPAM compliant!)
    e. Update the Reply To email address
    f. Update the Recipients for this single eMessage (the recipients you select for this eMessage
        are for this individual, custom eMessage and will not apply to any other eMessages created
        by you or by NewPanda).
    g. Press Save & Continue to save your updates

6. To skip Mobile and Social updates, click Skip Social at the bottom of the page and skip to STEP 8, OR

7. If you want to send a Mobile Message or Social Update (requires Social Tools feature) in addition to your eMessage, use the Compose your Mobile Message page and/or Compose your Social Update page to do so, then click Save & Continue.

8. Schedule your message: Remember we've automatically selected a Send Date for your Auto Pilot event. By default, the Schedule Delivery option is selected and your eMessage will be sent on the appropriate day. You can update the Send Date if you like (click Send Now to send the eMessage immediately, or use the calendar feature to choose a different day and/or time to send your eCard).

9. Click Send My Messages. Note that when you click the Send My Messages button, all events will be sent at their individually scheduled times.

NOTE: When scheduling messages for a later date, you MUST activate the Schedule Delivery button to activate the calendar. If you schedule a future date, then click the Send Now radio button, the scheduled date will be removed, and your message will be sent immediately. Sent messages cannot be recalled or undone.

Your message will automatically be saved in your Your Messages feature.

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