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7.7. Social Posting Network Setup

Updated 11.09.18

ALERT: Facebook no longer allows third party apps (like us) to post to your PROFILES on your behalf. We'll be updating our videos as soon as possible to reflect this recent change. :(

Watch our Social Network Authentication Video:


Watch our Social Auto Pilot tutorial video:

The Social Networks tab has two sections with two entirely different purposes. This tutorial page provides instructions for the TOP PORTION:

Social POSTING Networks: Facebook Pages, Twitter and LinkedIn networks for Social Posts and Status Updates through your NewPanda tool set. For more information, click here.

You can quickly authenticate for manual and/or Auto Pilot social posting to your Facebook Pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn networks.  Once you have authenticated your social networks, follow the link at the bottom of this page to activate Social Auto Pilot channels and networks.  If you haven't signed up for Social Tools yet, click the GET SOCIAL link in your Settings / Social Networks tab.

You must allow popups from NewPanda in order to authenticate your Social Networks. The authentication wizard appears via invited popup. Click here for help allowing popups from NewPanda.

1. Choose the Social Networks tab from your Settings page:

2. From the Social Networks page, click Manage Social Networks at the bottom of the page

3. Add your Facebook Pages, Twitter and/or LinkedIn information as desired by locating the appropriate application, clicking Connect, then following the prompts provided by each application.

Note: You must provide login and password information to allow the apps to communicate with NewPanda. If you are not comfortable allowing access, you will not be able to update your Facebook pages, Twitter and LinkedIn applications through your NewPanda tools.

Facebook Profiles: Facebook no longer allows third party apps to post to your profile on your behalf. :(  We know, we think it stinks, too.

Facebook Pages: To add a Facebook Page, you must be logged in to your Facebook account AND your NewPanda account at the same time. Click Manage Social Networks, then select Facebook Pages. When the page refreshes, click Connect. See Facebook's document on how to create and get the most from your Facebook Page.


Then follow the Facebook prompts to allow NewPanda to communicate with your Facebook Pages. When the process is complete, your NewPanda Social Networks page will refresh and ask you to select the Pages you wish to add by clicking the Add link. You will be prompted to login to your Facebook account (again) by Facebook to authenticate your record.

Once you've connected with Facebook, the NewPanda system will display all Facebook Pages associated with your current Facebook account. Click Add for the page(s) you want to allow. Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

To add more Facebook Pages, you'll need to log out of both your Facebook account AND your NewPanda tools, then login again. This is done to provide an extra layer of security by having you pass separate Facebook login information for each account you use.

Click Here for more information on Facebook's newest authentication protocol.

To edit a social network, simply delete the old one and add a new one.

Delete a social network by clicking the appropriate delete icon.


You're almost done! Click here to view instructions on activating Social Auto Pilot channels and networks. NewPanda cannot post to your Social Networks until you designate the Social Auto Pilot channels (topics) you want to get, and the Social Networks to which each topic should post.

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding Social Network Authentications:


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