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4.10. Selecting Contacts for Actions

Updated 06.30.14

SuperQuick video instructions!

Watch our Contacts: Search, Sort & Filter video:


You can quickly perform the following actions for your contacts by FILTERING or SEARCHING in your Contact database:

1. Enter search criteria (like LastName, Street Name or email address), or use the Filter By Groups 
    feature to refine your list. You can use one search criteria PLUS filter by one or more Groups for
    added flexibility. 

    Example: I want to search for contacts with @smithrealty.com email addresses AND my "Buyer" group AND my "Realtors" group.  Easy!


2. Your filtered contact list will appear.  From the Actions section, you may select all the contacts that appear on your screen ("This Page"), all the filtered contacts, or none.


3. Alternately, select specific contacts from the filtered set by checking the active check-box for the contacts you wish to select.


4. Select the desired Action from the Actions section and follow the prompts. See Related Pages below for complete instructions for each of the available actions.


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