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2.4. Images

Updated 11.13.13

The most important thing to remember about images in email is that they won't be visible by default for some recipients. If you start your design with that assumption, it forces you to keep things simple and ensure no important content is suppressed by image blocking.

With this in mind, here are the essentials to remember when using images in HTML email:

Avoid spacer images

While the combination of spacer images and nested tables was popular on the web ten years ago, image blocking in many email clients has ruled it out as a reliable technique today. Most clients replace images with an empty placeholder in the same dimensions, others strip the image altogether. Given image blocking is on by default in most email clients, this can lead to a poor first impression for many of your subscribers. Stick to fixed cell widths to keep your formatting in place with or without images.

Always include the dimensions of your image

If you forget to set the dimensions for each image, a number of clients will invent their own sizes when images are blocked and break your layout. Also, ensure that any images are correctly sized before adding them to your email. Some email clients will ignore the dimensions specified in code and rely on the true dimensions of your image.

Avoid PNGs

Lotus Notes 6 and 7 don't support 8-bit or 24-bit PNG images, so stick with the GIF or JPG formats for all images, even if it means some additional file size.

Provide fallback colors for background images

Outlook 2007 doesn't support background images. If you want to use a background image in your design, always provide a background color the email client can fall back on. This solves both the image blocking and Outlook 2007 problem simultaneously.

Don't forget alt text

Lack of standards support means email clients have long destroyed the chances of a semantic and accessible HTML email. Even still, providing alt text is important from an image blocking perspective. Even with images suppressed by default, many email clients will display the provided alt text instead. Just remember that some email clients like Outlook 2007, Hotmail and Apple Mail don't support alt text at all when images are blocked.

Use the display hack for Hotmail

For some inexplicable reason, Windows Live Hotmail adds a few pixels of additional padding below images. A workaround is to set the display property like so.

img {display:block;}

This removes the padding in Hotmail and still gives you the predicable result in other email clients.

Don't use floats

Both Outlook 2007 and earlier versions of Notes offer no support for the float property. Instead, use the align attribute of the img tag to float images in your email.

<img src="image.jpg" align="right">

If you're seeing strange image behavior in Yahoo! Mail, adding align="top" to your images can often solve this problem.

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