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3.2. Basics

We love helping our clients develop beautiful HTML emails. So, we've created a set of templates you can use as the basis for your email templates and campaigns. Be sure to follow HTML (for email) best practices and be sure to test the results after you've made your changes. Also, check out our MergeTags section for details on how to embed dynamically updating fields for your users and their recipient details.

Warning: All-Image Emails Might Look Pretty, but they won't be seen.

Spam filters like to see a good balance of text and image content in HTML emails. If you send a campaign that contains image only content, it will have a really hard time getting past most spam filters. We suggest that you add a paragraph or two of text to your HTML version of your campaign (outside of the image, text embedded on an image won't count) to help lower your spam filter score.

Also, be sure to limit the number and size of images you include. Sure, it's okay to have several, including a large header or main image for impact, but your email should not exceed around 600 pixels wide, whenever possible.

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